Amaya Lake

Amaya Lake Dambulla welcomes you to a stay in the heart of Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle. Cycle through quaint villages, climb up the stone steps of Dambulla Cave Temple or stroll along the pathway bordering the Kandalama Reservoir before feasting on an authentic Sri Lankan meal at one of the most unique Dambulla hotels.

Featured Room


Come and immerse yourself in rich, extravagant luxury at our magnificent Amaya Superior Suite where you will be pampered like royalty. The timeless elegance that bountifully pervades this special suite truly makes Amaya Lake one of the finest luxury hotels in Dambulla. The spacious suite is gorgeously arrayed in earthy hues of soothing chestnut and warm mahogany, to provide you with all the modern delights that your heart would desire.



Luxurious Comforts

The gorgeous suite is featured with lavish comforts to delight every soul that yearns for the highest indulgences.

Stunning Views

The well landscaped gardens, framed by the nut brown wooden windows create the perfect pieces of art to adorn the suite’s walls.

Ultimate Sophistication

The suite is stylishly appointed with modern amenities and furnishings with a touch of traditional Sri Lankan decor details.